Pirates World Immersive Activities

4 immersive pirate activities designed for the park

Hollywood-style backdrops exclusively for players

Suitable for families or friends, ages 6 to 90

Duration ranges from

45 minutes to 2 hours

Discounts or even free admission for guests staying in one of our accommodations

Splendid Escape Game
& Treasure Hunt

Located within the Cap Pirate Hotel**** in Cap d’Agde, our activities are accessible to the general public.

Discover 4 fun and educational immersive activities! There’s nothing better than having fun while learning.

Activities that challenge your intellect, test your navigation skills and foster teamwork.

Escape Game, treasure hunt, pirate challenge, Mister Black’s chest – there’s something for everyone!

Embark on the adventure to discover activities to enjoy even in the summer (air-conditioned escape game rooms or in the cool corridors of the Cap Pirate Hotel****)

Pirate Game offers activities for all occasions: team-building activities for seminars, birthdays, as well as hen/stag parties.

For guests staying at the Cap Pirate Hotel or Village Club Les Sables d ‘Or****, it’s a chance to experience the most sophisticated decor in the establishment. For those guests who are not yet familiar with our hotel, this offers a preview of what to expect during your upcoming stay!

A popular activity ideal
for enjoying moments with family or friends!

Immersive pirate activities

4 options for all tastes

Team play for family or friends

Puzzles, exploration and challenges

A limited time to accomplish your mission!

Explore the attractions

4 immersive pirate activities

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Escape Game

Do you enjoy deciphering clues and treasure hunts? Try your hand at our escape games! An ideal activity for having fun while exercising your brain.

Explore 2 rooms! For groups of 2 to 6 people (from age 6 to 70).

For 1 hour, time will fly by as you immerse yourself in the world of piracy!

2 rooms that have been designed by us! We’ve created in-house the scenarios, mechanisms, clues, and more… Our rooms have captured the interest of experienced escape game enthusiasts, leaving them impressed with the execution and precision level!

You’ll discover mechanisms and secret doors straight out of a science fiction movie. Children as young as 6 can engage in thrilling searches and make surprising discoveries!

Special rates for Cap Pirate Hotel guests: €70

€120€ / group
2 to 6 players (ages 6 to 70)
1 hour

Mr Black’s Chest

Are you looking for a group activity where logic and precision are essential?

Then Mr Black’s Treasure Chest is perfect for you!

You will uncover a magnificent treasure chest filled with 13 mechanisms that need to be deciphered one after the other.

As you prepare to depart the ship, you might be entrusted with additional clues…

The game is completely self-guided.

40€ / group
1 to 4 players (aged 6 to 70)
45 minutes

Treasure Hunt

Join our treasure hunt to discover the Cap Pirate Hotel****, a truly unique museum hotel in the world, themed around piracy!

You’ll need to navigate from object to object, much like a trail, to uncover the priceless treasure hidden by a formidable pirate!

Special rates for Cap Pirate Hotel guests: €30

25€ / group
2 to 4 players (aged 6 to 70)
1 hour

Pirate Challenge

Looking for a group activity that involves exploration, searching, and deciphering?

Then the pirate challenge is perfect for you!

This activity will be a blend of orienteering, general knowledge, deciphering and strategic gameplay!

Special rates for Cap Pirate Hotel guests/C.O.S partners: €60

50€ / group
2 to 6 players (aged 6 to 70)
1h 15 minutes

For a successful pirate experience

Explore the Pirates World water park, 10,000 m² of aquatic thrills. Special rates for Pirate Game Activities + Water Park.

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