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Full-day pass available

4 immersive pirate games

Dinner show

15 aquatic and decorative attractions

Various services to enhance your comfort, including VIP areas and exclusive hours

Snacks, catering, restaurant, and lounge bar

Arcade games and other activities

Children’s birthdays

The Pirates World Park combines both fun water activities and group educational games…

Recently opened, the park, spanning 10,000m², transports visitors to an intricately decorated pirate realm like never before. The children will be truly immersed in dreams of adventure, and parents will find themselves embracing their inner child, relishing every detail. Explore our park like a work of art… keeping in mind that most of our visitors don’t notice all the details even after 2 weeks of staying with us.

Relax and embrace the role of a commodore in our VIP areas… Enjoy an exclusive hour when the park is almost empty! Dine among our various dining spots and bars! And have fun trying out our various activities!

Immersive activities in backdrops straight out of Hollywood!

As spending an entire day in a water park can become routine, try our state-of-the-art escape rooms with secret doors straight out of a science fiction movie, breathtaking mechanisms, and ‘Wow’ puzzles. Explore our thrilling treasure hunt, treasure chests with 13 puzzles, or take on the challenge of pirates against our crew, and more. And what about our daytime and evening shows? A troop of pirates or ninjas? Real cannons and actual gunfire? Sword fights that might not end well?

A breathtaking dinner show! 

In July and August, swimming stops (at 7:45 pm for VIPs), but the show has only just begun! Experience a fabulous show at nightfall with talented performers while enjoying a delicious meal!

Activities like nowhere else


A 10,000 m2 water park located in the south of France where you can experience a number of water attractions.


We offer activities ideal for you to make the most of your vacation and explore new experiences as well.

Dinner show

A show filled with special effects and acrobatics set against a magnificent backdrop.