8 restaurants + 4 bars

Snacks – deli – Italian food – tapas – Asian/Mediterranean fusion

Beach club – Lounge bar – other bars on the terrace

Breakfast – lunch – Dinner – Restaurant show – Terrace bar show

Room service 24 hours a day – Dinner experience – Chef service

Vival – convenience store – bakery/pastry shop


The dining options! The decisive factor in choosing your holiday location!

At Pirates World, it will take more than a week to sample the culinary delights of each option.

Of course, make the most of your accommodation by shopping at our bakery/pastry shop and Vival… but also take advantage of:

From a €7 breakfast to a €24 one, ranging from a simple croissant/coffee/orange juice to an unlimited buffet with 104 high-quality hot and cold items. From the pirate-themed restaurant to the terrace overlooking the beach and mountain range…

Lunch available everywhere in our facility, including the beach…

From a quick dinner at the deli, enjoying an Italian spectacle, tapas with your feet in the sand, to a fusion of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine or why not indulge in a private chef at your accommodation?

Alternatively, opt for a late-night room service featuring the jars from a Michelin-starred chef!

Restaurants and bars

Premium packages and services